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Did you know that Mammoth Mass is now Canada’s #1 Weight Gainer?


Click the banner above to learn about all of Mammoth’s protein powders as well as their entire line of sports nutrition products.

It’s true Mammoth Mass has made some vast improvements to it’s weight gainer formulas using better quality carbohydrates that include sweet potato, quinoa, and rolled oats of all things…imagine that healthy ingredients going into a weight gainer. That just might be a true first in the Sports Nutrition field!

Don’t believe it…check out the list of ingredients to see for yourself why Mammoth Weight Gainers are back in the spotlight.

We started selling Mammoth Mass over 10 years ago and are extremely happy that this sports supplement company is proving to actually care about Sports Nutrition!!


Stop by Health Advantage today (Your Sports Supplement Headquarters?) to get Mammoth Mass and fulfill all your other discounts sports nutrition needs. We are directly across the street form Boston Pizza and Walmart in Pembroke, ON – the heart of the Ottawa Valley. We have been servicing Pembroke, Petawawa, Deep River, Eganville, Cobden and Renfrew for many years and will continue to bring you the highest quality sports supplements at the lowest prices…GUARANTEED!


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Health Advantage

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