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Order TA-65 Online Canada

Looking to Order TA-65 Online in Canada?

We have TA-65 available in our store at Health Advantage located in Pembroke, ON, but we ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. TA-65 is a patented supplement that is approved as a natural health product in Canada to improve the strength of the immune system.


There are several other improvements noted by people who take TA-65 MD, but Health Canada prevents us from listing any of those things because it was only specifically approved to improve the strength of the immune system. For example, we are not allowed to provide links to any of the research studies relating to TA65.

TA-65 has been in use since 2005 without any adverse affects reported, and has hit the forefront of the anti-aging community following the award of the 2009 Noble Prize for research into telomerase. Suzanne Somers, the actress made famous in the TV Show Three’s Company, is currently on a national media tour talking about how to live a longer healthier life through natural means. She mentions TA-65 in her live interviews on TV and has a chapter on TA-65  in her new book “BOMBSHELL” – released May 8th, 2012. Click Here To Watch > Suzanne Somers TA-65 Video

Telomerase is an enzyme that helps restore and rebuild telomeres which are the “caps” on the end of your DNA. Each time your cells divide the DNA shortens. When it gets to short, cells die, and is the critical bio-marker to know how long you can live before your cells simply can not reproduce and you die.

Dr. Greg Lane is licensed to sell TA-65 in the USA & Canada. For more information contact Dr. Greg or Rema in the store.

TA-65 is now available at Health Advantage, serving Pembroke, Petawawa, Deep River, Barry’s Bay, Eganville, Cobden, Renfrew and the Entire Ottawa Valley.

The original full service health food store with a caring dedicated staff with over 40 years combined experience, focusing on research driven products like TA-65!

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If you still have questions about TA-65,

call our store and ask for help from Rema: 613-732-9298

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