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Health Advantage is pleased to provide the incredible products of Renew Life Canada to our customers in Pembroke, ON and the surrounding communities of the Ottawa Valley!

Renew Life Canada specializes in digestive care, offering a full line of cleanses, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fish oils, fibre and support supplements.

A small sample of the Renew Life products that we carry include:

  • Ultimate Flora – Critical Care
  • Ultimate Flora – VS
  • First Cleanse
  • Rapid Cleanse
  • Candigone
  • Paragone
  • Digest More
  • Liver DTX
  • Boulardii Max
  • Canidzyme
  • Smoker’s Cleanse
  • Kidney Cleanse

Watch for ads featuring Renew Life Products on our new digital sign, so you know which ones to stop in and buy, to cleanse and detoxify yourself and your loved ones, as well as get nutrients essential to your good health.


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