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Essential Fatty Acids

. There are 2 types of Essential Fatty Acids: Omega-3 & Omega-6. Omega-3 fatty acids stimulate genetic activity that creates fat-burning enzymes and thermogenesis (burning off calories as heat). Flax oil, for example, is an essential fatty acid that actually makes you lose fat by creating natural enzymes in your body that break down fat.  You won’t gain fat from consuming flax oil.  Professional Body Builders may take as much as 7 tablespoons of flax oil per day and routinely lose body fat while doing so. Fish oils help to raise your metabolic rate, and shift the body from burning […]

Lose Fat Foods

Ever Hear You Can Lose Fat By Eating Fat? Some people thought I was joking when I told them there is such a thing as “Lose Fat Foods” which is not surprising because fat is one of the most misunderstood macro-nutrients in the world. FACT: It's Impossible To Lose Fat In Your Body Unless You Eat Fat. Most people believe that ALL fats make you fat, and therefore eating fat should be avoided at all costs, BUT this is actually wrong…and can make you even fatter